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CED Coating Plants

Cathodic Electro-deposition (CED) is Water Based primer coating & mostly used in automotive paint shop.
In this process, charged particles from the paint emulsion move to Cathode under electrical forces.
The direct current established through the bath makes the pigment and resin base of the paint attract towards the component surfaces.
It can be done by

  • Combination of dip and spray
  • Batch Type (Dip Tanks)
  • Continuous Conveyorised

Reach of paint at every corner of component having intrinsic shape.
Un-deposited material is rinsed. Ultra-filtrate (UF) equipment’s are used for ED paint ingredients separation of those not forming film and recovery of Paints.
Deposited film after baking becomes hard.

CED Painting has following Mentioned Process :
Load Degrease - Water Rinse - 1 /2 - Activation - Phosphate - D.M. Water Rinse - 1 / 2 - CED - UF - 1 UF - 2 - D.M. Water Rinse - 3 - Baking Oven - Unload

Advantages of electro-deposition over conventional primer :
  • Fully automatic operation requires less human efforts, film thickness can be controlled.
  • Uniform coating
  • Better coverage in interior/ complex surfaces & sharp corners
  • There is no Runs, Sags or Solvent boils
  • Better corrosion resistance, & @ 100 % utilization of paint therefore cost effective
  • As coating is done using aqueous process which has less risk of fire in comparison to solvent coatings, Better in anti-pollution, safety, health hazards.
  • The surface salt spray resistance lasts for more than 1200 hours

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